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Selected Poems

Somewhere South of Coldwater                    


          Robinson Jeffers Tor House

Every Day, I Think of Those Years                  

          Five Points

Slags of Cloud, a Cold Wind

          Crab Creek Review

Knife and Salt

          New Ohio Review

How Time Works on the Southern Plains   

          The Lascaux Review

When I Noticed, at Last                                  

          The Baltimore Review

If I Could Trace Again the Honed, Flat-End Blade

          Solstice Literary Magazine

Afternoon on Slate Creek 

          Ibbetson Street

Toward the End of March

          The Lascaux Review

The Fire God

          The New York Quarterly

After Reading Charles Wright

Prayer from a 1952 Chevy Suburban


          Cider Press Review

The Only Holy

          Bellingham Review



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