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Justin Hunt grew up in rural Kansas. His poetry and nonfiction are shaped by his Kansas youth, the loss of his adult son and only child, his years living and working in Germany and Latin America, and the urge to leave behind something of himself and his time.


Fluent in German and Spanish, Justin has won several poetry awards, most recently 1st place in the Porter Fleming Literary Competition, 2nd place in the River Styx and Strokestown (Ireland) international contests, and honorable mentions in numerous other competitions, including the NORward Prize (New Ohio Review), the Patricia Cleary Miller Award (New Letters), the Rumi Prize (Arts & Letters), and the Robinson Jeffers Tor House Prize. His work also appears or is forthcoming in Barrow Street, Five Points, Michigan Quarterly Review, American Literary Review, Cloudbank, Nimrod, The Florida Review, The Journal, and Bellingham Review, among many other publications.


Justin is currently assembling a full-length poetry collection. He is also working on a memoir about his father, who was born in 1897 to Kansas settlers. He lives with his wife, Janet, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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