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First Prize in Poetry, Porter Fleming Literary Competition, 2021

Finalist, Patricia Cleary Miller Award for Poetry, New Letters, 2021

Finalist, Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize, 2021

Editors' Pick, Solstice Literary Magazine, 2021


Finalist, Crosswinds Poetry Contest, 2021


2nd Place, International Poetry Contest, River Styx, 2020


Long List, National Poetry Competition, The Poetry Society (U.K.), 2020


Highly Commended, Bridport Prize for Poetry (U.K.), 2020


2nd Place, Strokestown International Poetry Prize (Ireland), 2020


Finalist, NORward Prize for Poetry, New Ohio Review, 2020

Finalist, Great Midwest Poetry Contest, Midwest Review, 2020


Honorable Mention, Crosswinds Poetry Contest, 2020

Short List, Gregory O'Donoghue Poetry Competition (Ireland), 2019/20


Short List, Strokestown International Poetry Prize (Ireland), 2019 


Finalist, William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition, Narrative Nonfiction Book Category, 2018


Finalist, Rumi Prize for Poetry, Arts & Letters, 2018


Commendation, Gregory O'Donoghue Poetry Competition (Ireland), 2017/18

Finalist, Nonfiction Award, American Literary Review, 2017


Finalist, Knightville Poetry Contest, The New Guard, 2017

Honorable Mention, Oberon Poetry Prize, 2017


Long List, Live Canon 2017 International Poetry Prize (U.K.)


International Merit Award, The Atlanta Review, 2017


Honorable Mention, Robinson Jeffers Tor House Prize for Poetry, 2017


Long List, Rialto Nature and Place Poetry Competition (U.K.), 2017

Finalist, 2017 Poet Laureate Award, North Carolina Poetry Society


Finalist, Dana Award in Poetry, 2016


Honorable Mention, Kakalak Poetry Prize, 2016


International Publication Prizes, The Atlanta Review, 2015 and 2016


Finalist, 2016 Dogwood Literary Prize


Honorable Mention, 2016 Mary Ruffin Poole American Heritage Award, North Carolina Poetry Society


Honorable Mention, 2015 Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest (


Honorable Mention, 6th Annual Beyond Baroque Poetry Contest, 2015


1st Runner Up, Editors’ Prize, Spoon River Poetry Review, 2015


1st Place, Whispering Prairie Press Poetry Prize, 2015


2nd Prize, Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Award, Comstock Review, 2015


3rd Place, Whispering Prairie Press Essay Award, 2015


2nd Place, Bacopa Poetry Contest, Bacopa Literary Review, 2015


3rd Place, Thomas H. McDill Award, North Carolina Poetry Society, 2012